The band boosters elect the Band Booster officers each year for a fiscal year term from June 1 to May 31.  Any band booster can make a nomination in person or by write in.  Voting is held at the Band Boosters May meeting and you must be present to cast your vote.

PRESIDENT – The President shall preside at all meetings of the Band Boosters, appoint all committees and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall oversee the budget to include creation and implementation as well as facilitating fundraising efforts and special events.

VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice-President shall assume all the duties of the President in his or her absence. When the President is not present, the Vice President shall preside at all meetings of the Band Boosters and handle all advertising and correspondence with the press and all other matters of publicity. The Vice-President may assist any of the other Board members with their responsibilities as determined and deemed necessary by the Board.

SECRETARY – The Secretary shall record minutes of all meetings, attend to the correspondence and shall act as parliamentarian. The Secretary shall be responsible for all contracts, medical forms, notarized documents, paperwork and thorough electronic record keeping. The secretary should be proficient in typing and computer skills.

TREASURY – Due to the complexity of the current Band of Gold accounting, the Band Boosters shall elect two (2) treasurers. The Treasurer(s) or President, and any other Board member shall be authorized to sign checks, provided they are not employed by Wilson County Schools. Two signatures are always required on each check. The Accounts Receivable Treasurer shall share responsibility with the Accounts Payable Treasurer for completing any report or process and/or paying any taxes, fees or payment required for the Band Boosters to remain a 501(c)(3) organization. The treasurers will be responsible for compiling a financial report to be presented at Band Boosters and Board meetings, or as requested by the President and/or Band Director. Treasurers are also responsible for sending student account statements to parents of band/guard students on a predetermined schedule.
        A. In addition to the above, the Accounts Payable Treasurer is responsible for accurate record keeping, paying all incoming bills, invoices and necessary payments. This position is also responsible for allocation of credits earned from fundraising activities, fee payments, and solicited donations. Accounts Payable Treasurer shall be responsible for monthly banking statements as well as balancing the checkbook.
       B. In addition to the above, the Accounts Receivable Treasurer is responsible for accurate record keeping and making deposits of any and all incoming funds including, but not exclusive to: fee payments, solicited donations, fundraising and sales. This position is also responsible for tracking and usage of all Square and PayPal accounts. The Accounts Receivable Treasurer is also responsible for monthly banking statements as well as balancing the checkbook.

FUNDRAISING CHAIRPERSON – The Fundraising Chairperson shall oversee the efforts of the Band Boosters to raise sufficient monies for the successful operation of the organization. He/She will work closely with the President to identify and develop fund-raising opportunities which will maximize the receipt of funds produced by students and members of the Band Booster organization. Special care should be taken to ensure that the demands on those participants’ time, talents, and energies are not overly taxing or burdensome. The Fundraising Chairperson shall create and coordinate the efforts of a committee of Band Booster volunteers to assist him/her in accomplishing this effort. That committee shall seek to involve students and Band Booster members who are not part of the committee to assist with this vital, ongoing task. The Fundraising Chairperson shall also work closely with and be accountable to the organization’s Treasurers to ensure the proper handling and accounting of funds appropriated to and derived from the efforts of the committee.

PAST PRESIDENT – The Past President shall advise and assist the newly elected Board on the operations of the Band Boosters. The Past President will help ensure reasonable continuity in the operating of the Band Boosters from year to year.

2017-2018 Band Officers

Tassie Pugh

Lora Cornwell

Jennifer Deyo & Mindy Oldham

Tammy Shipley

Kelly Krawczyk

Shay Ashcraft