Band Fees are the primary means of funding the Mt. Juliet High School Band of Gold Marching Band. The fees go to pay for the following: Instructional Staff, Uniform Care and Maintenance, Travel, Equipment, Equipment Repair, Competition Show Music and Drill, Office Expenses and any additional funding needed for the Band of Gold.

In order to assist families with these fees and to provide all the services necessary to the success of the Band of Gold, the following committees are utilized. Serving on at least one of these committees is a requirement of Option 1 on your fee contract.

For additional information or to sign up for a committee, please email your Booster President

CHAPERONES – Chairperson & Assistant –  The Chaperone Committee Chairperson is responsible for enlisting chaperones for all Band of Gold events.  The chaperones are responsible for staying with the group throughout each event.  They make sure the students have water, as required.  On overnight events, the chaperones are assigned rooms for which they are responsible.  They are responsible for room checks, proper behavior of the participants and adherence to the established schedule.  They travel with the kids and ensure we have left no one behind.


Concession Workers

CONCESSIONS – The School Concessions Chairpersons manage and coordinate concession stands at the MJHS Football Stadium and the MJHS Gymnasium.  Events covered are varsity football, Jr. Varsity, freshman football; high school basketball, as well as other events in both locations. Volunteers who work in our concessions during events receive $10 an hour towards band fees.

CORPORATE DONATIONS/GRANTS – This committee is responsible for visiting local businesses to ask for financial support, materials for props, equipment repairs, donations for auctions and other fund raising events as well as making application for whatever private or local/state/federal governmental grants that might be available.

FUNDRAISING – Responsible for coordinating the individual fundraisers. Manages the fundraiser, distributes order forms and materials, collects and reconciles payments with orders.  Identifies, plans, and coordinates outside fundraising events such as: Run for the Gold 5K, yard sales, car washes, SCGC Book sales, peach/strawberry fundraising, Little Caesars, etc.

Guard Moms

Guard Moms

GUARD MOMS – The guard moms work closely with the band and guard directors to manage the color guard’s performance needs such as; hair, makeup, costumes and flags.  They see that the guard uniforms are clean and maintained.  The guard moms ensure the color guard is fed and cared for on all performance dates.  They are responsible for coordinating award ceremony gifts, etc.

HOSPITALITY – The Hospitality Committee is responsible for;   Obtaining bottled water to be distributed to the visiting bands at the beginning of the third quarter at home football games;   Meeting/greeting/assisting visiting bands at home games;   Placing bottled water in coolers to be chilled prior to home games and transporting coolers to the stadium;   Organizing poinsettia sales and decorating the stage for the Christmas concert;   Organizing refreshment donations and preparing and serving at reception following Christmas concert;   Decorating tables, etc. for annual Moonlighters Dance and Band Banquet ;   As needed, organizing for and serving at band receptions.

MEALS – The Meal Chairperson coordinates with the band director for any meal requirements for performances, band camps or rehearsals.  They plan meals and have a committee to assist with purchase, preparation of food and serving.  They maintain a checklist of all students who eat the meals and did not pay in advance for them that is forwarded to the treasurer for billing to student statements.

PARENT WORK NIGHTS/DAYS – The Boosters often schedule 2-4 hour “work days” during practice times. Parents meet at the school to work on a variety of “chores” around the band room. PWN’s have included cleaning out water coolers, stocking concession items, sewing flags and uniforms, hanging awards and more. Participating in PWN/D’s goes toward fulfilling your obligation to Option 1 on the fee contract.

PUBLIC RELATIONS – The PR Committee handles all publicity for the MJHS Band of Gold.  This includes articles for local newspapers, slides for the school information channel, flyers and banners to advertise events.  This committee takes care of sharing news about the Band of Gold with the community.

SEWING – The sewing committee works with the color guard director to make and repair flags.  The committee will work with the uniform committee in measuring and repairing the band uniforms.  Being an excellent seamstress is not a requirement for this committee as there is much cutting, pinning and measuring that is needed prior to actual sewing.  There is also fray checking and other necessary steps for flag preparation that need to be done after sewing is completed.

Battle of the BandsSPECIAL EVENTS – The Special Event committee works with the fundraising chairperson to schedule, organize and promote special events such as our annual 5K, Battle of the Bands, Neighborhood Crawls and Spring Festivals.  The committee is responsible for marketing, advertising, gaining sponsors and vendors, promoting, and working with the MJ Police and community to schedule these events when necessary. Volunteers also help contact 5K committee volunteers and assigning tasks.

THANK YOU – The Thank You Committee is responsible for sending Thank You cards and notes to supporters of the MJHS Band of Gold.

TOTE-N-TOW – The Tote-n-tow Committee is responsible, for loading and transporting all of the equipment, instruments, uniforms, etc. to each performance.  They are responsible for the rental of trucks and equipment if necessary and for the maintenance and repair of equipment and transportation owned by the band.  They assist with the movement of props and equipment on and off the performance fields and floors.  They are responsible for the maintenance of the gators and other performance equipment owned by the Band of Gold.

UNIFORMS – Uniforms are assigned each marching season.  Alterations or size changes are made for each participant.  Uniforms are maintained by bibber number.  The uniform chairperson is responsible for ensuring proper fit, assignment of uniforms and proper cleaning and maintenance of uniforms and shoes.  They are to be put back in order upon return from cleaning.  Prior to each performance the uniform chair is responsible for making sure all uniforms and shoes are where they should be and placed in order in the appropriate uniform box.  A full extra uniform should be available for each performance in case of emergency.  The uniform chair maintains extras and temporary mending materials for emergencies during performances.

WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA – The Mt. Juliet Band of Gold’s web page is a source of information for everyone in the band, as well as a portal to the world to show others some of the things we do that make our program great. It also provides a myriad of fundraising opportunities. Please visit our social media link in the menu options above to join us on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.