Mt. Juliet Band Boosters Club, Inc.

The Mt. Juliet Band Boosters Club, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation established in 1985 to support the Band of Gold.  An Executive Board made up of the Band Director, Assistant Band Director, and elected Band Booster Officers, governs it. To view a list of these officers and their duties, please visit the Officers page from the drop down above.  There are established and written by-laws that are available through download by clicking the gold box to the right of this page.  The Executive Board is responsible for establishing and maintaining the yearly budget, which includes the concert band, fall marching band as well as the winter guard and drum line.  By vote of approval they are responsible for any purchases not already in the budget, all payments and any changes in the current policies.  Executive Board meetings are held once a month and are open to any band booster parent.  However, any voted item is through the executive board members present at the meeting.

In the fall, the Mt. Juliet Marching Band, or the Band of Gold, provides students with several additional opportunities to perform and represent the school. The Marching Band is comprised of the woodwind, brass, percussion and color guard sections.  Training and auditions for the color guard are held in the spring.  Due to the extensive rehearsal and performance schedule, a fee is required for each participating student.  Training for the fall marching-band season begins in the spring.

Students who have participated in the fall Marching Band also have the option of joining the Winter Guard or the Winter Drum Line.  These two groups organize in late November and perform in competitions through the month of April.  The Mt. Juliet Winter Guard and Winter Drum Lines are consistently ranked in the top tier of their respective organization’s best in the country. These winter programs are offered to keep skills honed and to provide opportunities for students to develop new and advanced marching skills. These ensembles are smaller than the fall Marching Band and have a different style and flavor.  All winter competitions are held in indoor arenas.  Participants in these winter programs are required to pay an additional fee.

Members of each ensemble are required to participate in all rehearsals and performances listed on the band Calendar.

When your child enrolls in any of the Mt. Juliet High School Band of Gold performance ensembles you are a member of the Mt. Juliet Band Boosters Club.  However, it is open to any interested adult (i.e. aunts, uncles, older siblings, or alumni) that wish to volunteer their time and energy to the success of the band program.  Their most important responsibility is for the voluntary participation in the committees and the fund raising events of the band.  Without the participation of ALL of the band boosters, it is not possible to successfully complete all of the fund raising events that keep our individual band fees low.  Being a part of the Band Boosters is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends as well as play a vital role in your child’s band experience.  It affords you the opportunity to spend time in your child’s life and development, something they and you will remember for years to come.

Booster By-Laws